Russia The Order of Friendship Badge Medal state decoration brass ww12 Replica Repro top Rare
Russia The Order of Friendship Badge Medal state decoration brass ww12 Replica Repro top Rare
Russia The Order of Friendship Badge Medal state decoration brass ww12 Replica Repro top Rare
Russia The Order of Friendship Badge Medal state decoration brass ww12 Replica Repro top Rare

Russia The Order of Friendship Badge Medal state decoration brass ww12 Replica Repro top Rare

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The Russia The Order of Friendship Medal Badge, top Rare

The Order of Friendship (Russian: Орден Дружбы, Orden Druzhby) is a state decoration of the Russian Federation established by Boris Yeltsin by presidential decree 442 of 2 March 1994[1] to reward Russian and foreign nationals whose work, deeds and efforts have been aimed at the betterment of relations with the Russian Federation and its people. The design of order was created by Alexander Zhuk. Its statute was later amended by presidential decree 19 of 6 January 1999,[2] presidential decree 1999 of 7 September 2010,[3] presidential decree 1631 of 16 December 2011,[4] and presidential decree 308 of 16 March 2012.[5] It can trace its lineage to the Soviet Order of Friendship of Peoples, also designed by Alexander Zhuk.

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Notable recipients (partial list)

The following individuals were awarded the Order of Friendship:[7]

Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysian 4th and 7th Prime Minister[8]

Evgenia Medvedeva, a Russia competitive figure skater[9]

Sopubek Begaliev, Kyrgyz politician (Kyrgyzstan)

Lydia T. Black, a historian and anthropologist in the field of Russian America[10] (USA)

George Blake, double agent (UK)

David Blatt, basketball coach (Israel/USA)

William Craft Brumfield, historian, preservationist and photographer (USA)

The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien, PC, OM, CC, QC, former Prime Minister of Canada[11]

Dimitris Christofias, President of Cyprus

Adrienne Clarkson, Governor General of Canada

Ahmad Afandi Abdulaev, Mufti of Dagestan

Van Cliburn, renowned pianist (USA)

Patricia Cloherty, entrepreneur and businesswoman (USA)

Frank De Winne, ESA astronaut and head of the European Astronaut Centre (Belgium)

Milorad Dodik, President of the Republika Srpska[12]

Maurice Druon, writer (France)

Yuli Gusman, film director (Azerbaijan)

Ignatius IV of Antioch (Hazim), patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Christian Church[13]

Prince Dimitri Romanov, claimant to headship of the Imperial House of Russia

Victor Hochhauser (1923-2019), British music promoter[14]

Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia[15]

Daisaku Ikeda, president of Soka Gakkai International (Japan)

Jayakanthan, Tamil writer (India), 2011[16][17]

Raymond E. Johnson, founder of the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis (USA)

Akhmad Kadyrov, President of Chechnya

Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress

Anatoly Karpov, chess player, for his great contribution to strengthening peace and friendship between peoples and productive social activities

Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea F.C

Prince Michael of Kent, cousin of Queen Elizabeth II and descendant of Tsar Alexander II of Russia; a qualified interpreter of Russian (UK)

Vakhtang Kikabidze, singer and actor (the award was rejected by Kikabidze in August 2008) (Georgia)

Emir Kusturica, Serbian filmmaker, actor and musician

André Kuipers, ESA astronaut (Netherlands)

Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank and former Managing Director of the IMF (France)

Lee Kuan Yew, Minister Mentor of Singapore[18]

Valery Leontiev, pop singer

Yulia Lipnitskaya, figure skater, received award for outstanding performance at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Antonio Mennini, Apostolic Nuncio to Russia (2002–2010) for his contribution to the development of Russian-Vatican relations[19] (Vatican)

John Middleton-Tidwell, a historian of Russian-American studies[10] (USA)

Aliya Mustafina, Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics

Riccardo Muti, conductor[20] (Italy)

Oscar Niemeyer, renowned architect (Brazil)

God Nisanov, billionaire property developer[21]

Sagadat Nurmagambetov, Defense Minister of Kazakhstan

Constantine Orbelian, conductor and pianist, 2012 Medal Recipient[22]

Victor Petrov, a historian of Russian-American studies

Richard Pierce, a historian of Russian-American studies[10] (USA)

A. Sivathanu Pillai, BrahMos chief (India)[23]

Marcel Prud'homme, Senator (Canada)

Grigory Rodchenkov, director of Russia's national antidoping laboratory who later defected and exposed Russian doping system (awarded prior to the scandal)

Jacques Rogge, 8th President of the International Olympic Committee (Belgium)

Buvaisar Saitiev, three-time Olympic gold medal wrestler

Vladimir Sangi, Nivkh author, publicist, and language activist

Ekaterina Semenikhin, honorary consul of Russia in Monaco[24]

Mrinal Sen, film director (India)

Dimitris Sioufas, legislator (Greece)

Barbara Sweetland Smith, a historian of Russian-American studies[10] (USA)

Dario Salas Sommer, Chilean philosopher[25]

Ramayahi Shanmugam Sundar, director of the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant[26] (India)

James W. Symington, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives and current attorney at Nossaman LLP/O'Connor & Hannan (USA)

Rex Tillerson, U.S. Secretary of State under President Donald Trump, and former CEO of ExxonMobil

Mari Törőcsik, Hungarian actress

Andrzej Wajda, film director (Poland)

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, recognised for contributions to friendly relations between Russia and the UK, and his love of Russian literature[27] (UK)

Tatjana Ždanoka, politician (Latvia)

Slobodan D. Marković, creator and director of Subotica International Children's Theatre Festival (Serbia)

Ban Ki-moon, eighth secretary-general of the United Nations

Xavier Rolet KBE, CEO London Stock Exchange Group

Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space

Alina Zagitova, a Russia competitive figure skater[9]

Alexander Zhuk, a Soviet-Russian illustrator, designer of both Russian Order of Friendship and Soviet Order of Friendship of Peoples

Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Anjum Rafique, a Pakistani pilot[28]

Major Fakhar-E-Abbas, Pakistani Pilot[29]

Major Qazi Muhammad Mazhar-Ud-Din, Pakistani Pilot[29]

Major Abid Rafique, Pakistani Pilot[29]

Vera Zabotkina, Russian linguist, philologist, semiotician[30]

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of Kazakhstan

Mehriban Aliyeva, First Vice-President of Azerbaijan[31]

Megawati Sukarnoputri, 5th President of Indonesia[32]

Alexander (Ishein), Archbishop of Baku and Azerbaijan from 1999 to 2021[33]  -  We sell it, you love it - 100% Feedback Seller since 2012!

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