Russia Russian Empire medal for useful Alexander II A90

Russia Russian Empire medal for useful Alexander II A90

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Russia Russian Empire  medal for useful Alexander II A90


Weight: 12.5 g

Diameter: ca.29 mm

The medal FOR USEFUL was established by Alexander I in 1801. With the coming to power of Alexander II, the appearance of the medal changed, but the status was completely preserved, people were awarded for special merits in the field of industry, trade and agriculture. The medal was minted from gold and silver at the St. Petersburg Mint and was intended for residents of military settlements. On the front side there is an inscription framed by a laurel wreath FOR USEFUL, on the reverse side is the monogram of Alexander II. An octagon with a ribbed border is inscribed around the circumference on both sides of the medal. 

A fantastic part of military history not to be missed at this low listing price. It would be extremely hard to find a much better example than these medals, medals weight a bit.

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