Russia "Order of Military Merit" Badge Medal state decoration brass ww12 Rare

Russia "Order of Military Merit" Badge Medal state decoration brass ww12 Rare

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The Russia Order of Military Merit Medal Badge, top Rare

The Order "For Military Merit" (Russian: Орден «За военные заслуги») is a military decoration of the Russian Federation established by presidential decree № 442 of March 2, 1994[1] to reward military excellence. Its statute was amended three times, first on January 6, 1999 by decree № 19,[2] then on September 7, 2010 by decree № 1099[3] which modernised the entire Russian awards system and finally on December 16, 2011 by Presidential Decree № 1631.[4]

A fantastic part of military Order history is not to be missed at this low listing price. It would be extremely hard to find a much better example than this Order, in great condition.

This Order is a museum level replica Repro!

Made from pure Brass!

Notable recipients (partial list)

The individuals below were recipients of the Order "For Military Merit".[6]

Cosmonaut, Major General Vladimir Vasiliyevich Kovalyonok

Cosmonaut, Colonel Gennadi Mikhailovich Manakov

Army General Nikolai Platonovich Patrushev

Admiral of the Fleet Vladimir Vasilyevich Masorin

Marshal of the Soviet Union Viktor Georgiyevich Kulikov

Admiral, former Baltic Fleet commander Vladimir Grigor'evich Yegorov

Colonel General Gennady Nikolayevich Troshev

Army General Viktor Germanovich Kazantsev

Army General Yury Nikolayevich Baluyevsky

Fleet Admiral Vladimir Ivanovich Kuroyedov

Fleet Admiral Feliks Nikolayevich Gromov

Marshal of the Russian Federation Igor Sergeyev

Army General Alexander Ivanovich Baranov

Army General Nikolai Dmitrievich Kovalyov

Army General Alexander Vasilyevich Bortnikov

Army General Valentin Vladimirovich Korabelnikov

Admiral Nikolai Mikhailovich Maksimov

Admiral Aleksandr Mikhailovich Nosatov

Admiral Vladimir Sergeyevich Vysotskiy

Army General Vladimir Magomedovich Semyonov

Colonel General Alexander Nikolayevich Zelin

Colonel General Anatoliy Alekseevich Nogovitsyn

Army General Nikolai Yegorovich Makarov

Colonel Yunus-bek Bamatgireyevich Yevkurov

Rear Admiral Anatoly Ivanovich Lipinsky

Rear Admiral Sergei Mikhailovich Pinchuk

Army General Anatoly Mikhaïlovich Kornukov

Colonel General Arkady Viktotovich Bakhin

Victor Tyatinkin, CEO and Chief Designer at Production and Design Association

Deputy Commander of the Airborne Forces Lieutenant General Alexander Georgievich Zuev

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