Imperial Russia empire Sweden Medal In memory of 200th Anniversary of Naval Battle of Gangut A48

Imperial Russia empire Sweden Medal In memory of 200th Anniversary of Naval Battle of Gangut A48

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Russia Sweden Medal "In Commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of the Naval Battle of Gangut" sweden A48



The medal "In memory of the 200th anniversary of the Naval Battle of Gangut" is a state award, one of the last medals established in the Russian Empire. Russian Russian Navy was established on June 12, 1914 in commemoration of the approaching 200th anniversary of the naval battle at Cape Gangut between the Russian and Swedish fleets, which took place on July 27, 1714 in the Baltic Sea during the Northern War (1700-1721) and became the first naval victory of the Russian fleet in the history of Russia. The medal was awarded to persons of the imperial family, officers and lower ranks of the Russian navy, army and Life Guards who were related to military units that participated two centuries earlier in the Battle of Gangut, as well as direct descendants of the participants in the battle. The medal is the last jubilee award of the Russian Empire. The release of the award was timed to coincide with the anniversary celebrations on the Baltic Sea.


The medal was intended to award the highest military and state ranks and all military personnel of the Naval Department who, during the celebration of the anniversary of the battle, were on personnel service in military units that participated in the Gangut battle, or served on ships bearing the names of distinguished Russian ships in the Gangut of the beginning of the XVIII century. Medals were also awarded to both military and civilian men who were direct descendants of generals, admirals, commanders of military units who took part in the Battle of Gangut. Later, the right to wear the medal was also given to members of the Romanov imperial family, members of the Council of Ministers who were in office on the anniversary day, official representatives of departments who participated in the celebration, the ranks of the company of the palace grenadiers and the office of the Finnish Governor-General, naval agents of the allied powers, as well as some court officials. In total, 94,000 medals were minted at the Mint, in connection with the cancellation of the celebrations on the occasion of the anniversary, only about 20,000 medals were awarded to the awardees.


The medal had an eyelet for attachment to a pad or ribbon. The medal should have been worn on the chest. Officers and medical ranks, naval and military officials, clergymen wore a medal with a chain over a ribbon. The ribbon of the medal is St. Andrew's.

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